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Deuces Wild

And another entry for 52:52!

Another sketch for 52:52!

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STRETCH GOALS have been announced on Kickstarter! So here’s some fun 8-bit art to accompany the new rewards!

Check it out here!

Special thanks to the second batch of Kickstarter supporters! You guys rock!

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Deuces Wild PSA video. We’re raising awareness towards graphic novel adoption. Won’t you help today?

Deuces Wild blows past $10k with plenty of time to spare! Thanks to everyone who has supported the book up to this point!

Finally! A nice, crispy shot of our crew, ready for action! Really happy with how this one turned out.

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52 Days : 52 Sketches

#4. Snailed it.

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52 Days : 52 Sketches

The gear-head from Deuces Wild, Sprocket!

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52 Days : 52 Sketches

During the duration of the Kickstarter campaign for Deuces Wild, I’ll be producing 52 unique sketches that, much to my joy (and surprise), have already been claimed as a reward by an extremely supportive backer! Looking forward to sharing these as they develop!

Here are the first 2 - Dust Bunny (from my first graphic novel) and good ol’ Donatello!

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Scripting into the night! Looking like it’s gonna be a doozy of a story, guys!

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Big thank you to the first 74 backers on who pledged to Deuces Wild on Kickstarter

Process for Fara!

Captain Fara!

Working on a new piece after such an awesome first day on Kickstarter! Peep the project here -

The Deuces Wild Kickstarter campaign launched today! 52 days for 52 playing cards! Really excited to finally bring this graphic novel to life! You can also follow the comic’s progress through the Facebook page!