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Deuces Wild

Big thank you to the first 74 backers on who pledged to Deuces Wild on Kickstarter

Process for Fara!

Captain Fara!

Working on a new piece after such an awesome first day on Kickstarter! Peep the project here -

The Deuces Wild Kickstarter campaign launched today! 52 days for 52 playing cards! Really excited to finally bring this graphic novel to life! You can also follow the comic’s progress through the Facebook page!

This afternoon I completed the very first scenic illustration to accompany the new graphic novel. What you see here is just a snippet, but the full piece will be revealed during the video launch next week. It’s really satisfying to not only be making progress on the book itself, but to be simultaneously growing in (what I consider to be) one of weakest areas as an illustrator. Thanks for sticking with me guys!

Gearing up for my first video announcement next week! Very excited to be presenting this project to the public!

One of the many main players in Deuces Wild! Looking forward to getting this going next month!

Like Deuces Wild on Facebook!

In only 2 days, you guys have brought some truly amazing support! Nearly 400 Likes on Facebook. This gives me some high hopes for the upcoming launch of the book at the end of this month! Looking forward to sharing more! 

Sketch practice for Captain Fara! 

Launch day!

Very excited to see that in only 2 short hours, the Facebook page has reached 200 Likes! Thanks to everyone for such early support!

Very excited to be developing some new images in the coming weeks that will be finding their way into the Kickstarter campaign scheduled to launch at the end of July. We’ve got some very cool rewards lined up, as well as a few surprises therein. Stay tuned, and thanks again everyone!

From top to bottom - King of Spades, King of Clubs…




King of Diamonds.